Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our shop is open again!

Welcome back!  Chocolatine Boutique is open again and is filling up with tons of new goodies.  The new Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection is slowly coming in.  We already have a series of beautiful Fall/Winter coats for boys and girls alike. 
Nautical Coat
Chocolatine Boutique
Nautical Coat in Red
Chocolatine Boutique

French Sailor Coat
Chocolatine Boutique
Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Chocolatine Boutique is going to close for a little while...  
Bonnes Vacances a tous!
See you in September for the new collection.  Lots of surprises so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day Sale!

July 14th is French National Day "La Fête Nationale," or "Le Quatorze Juillet."  It commemorates the storming of a prison called "La Bastille," which took place on July 14th 1789, and marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

In honor of Bastille Day, Chocolatine Boutique is offering 20% OFF on summer items, with coupon code: BASTILLEDAYSALE2012

Happy Bastille Day Everyone!  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sun and Raspberries

Today, the sun was back in beautiful Brussels.  Even though it is very pleasant, we are not getting too excited as the rain and cold are coming back tonight.  Sigh...  
Went raspberry picking with the girls and some friends, just 15 minutes away from our house/studio.  
Probably ate 1/2 lb while picking them and came home with 3 pounds!  
Time to make jam, smoothies, mix them with yogurt or make one of my favorite cakes: "The Cake aux Framboises" (Rasberry Cake).  But shhh...  It is a family secret... 
Cake aux Framboises by Chocolatine Studio

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

French Alps Best Kept Spa Secret

I just took a few days off to escape the gloomy summer weather of Brussels and headed to my hometown of Grenoble, in the beautiful French Alps.  I closed Chocolatine Boutique for a few days and enjoyed the nice weather and warmth of a well-deserved mini summer vacation.  One day, I took my girls to one of my favorite places...  
Chocolatine Boutique on Vacation
Nestled at the foot of the Belledone mountains, 15 minutes from Grenoble and renowned as the traditional home of the hydrotherapy industry in Isere: Uriage-Les-Bains, a spa town famous since antiquity for its curative water.
Uriage-Les-Bains Baths
The place is still rather undiscovered from tourists even though great celebrities like Coco Chanel, Sacha Guitry and Napoleon III once frequented the place and enjoyed the spas magical waters.  In addition, the upscale little town holds a very mild climate, a casino, fine restaurants and a couple of nice golf courses.
The "Sulky" Horses
The Restaurant "Les Terrases"
Palais de La Source

The Carroussel
Locals playing a "Petanque" game
Of course, we could not leave the place without buying some cold cream made by the Uriage Dermatological laboratories with bases from the thermal water.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bonjour Sailor!

From Coco Chanel to Brigitte Bardot, Madonna and Stella McCartney, the French sailor top has rocked the fashion world for decades.  Also called "La Mariniere" in French, everyone in France has at least one in his/her closet.  Little kids, boys and girls alike, are no different from their parents, and I have to admit that my own daughters have three each (should I mention I own five?...)

This summer, Chocolatine Boutique is launching the Brigitte Bardot Sailor Dress/Shirt for the very very trendy little girls.
Brigitte Bardot Sailor Dress/Shirt
Chocolatine Boutique
Available in sizes from 2T to 6Y, it is perfect for the season as it is light weight and stretchy. Very St. Tropez, very Brigitte Bardot!!!

It is handmade by me with a beautiful and soft navy blue and white jersey cotton fabric. I purchased this nautical fabric in the South of France. The red Ibiscus flower in the front adds an exotic touch to the dress.

Brigitte Bardot Sailor Dress/Shirt
Chocolatine Boutique
Brigitte Bardot Sailor Dress/Shirt
Chocolatine Boutique
This is a very versatile item that can be worn as a dress but also as a long sleeve shirt or tunic. The sleeves can easily be rolled up or left long. Your little one will actually wear this for several years as it will grow with her.

The dress can be also be paired with leggings, pants, jeans, shorts or bloomers! You style it!

Brigitte Bardot
To purchase the Brigitte Bardot Sailor Dress/Shirt, please visit Chocolatine Boutique's shop

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to Chocolatine Boutique's Blog!

Chocolatine Boutique’s collections are designed and created by me, Nathalie. I was born and raised in beautiful France but moved to my second home, the US, a while ago. My story is fairly simple.  Everything started when I left THE very stressful corporate world where I worked as a Public Relations professional, and became a mother.  I searched for clothes with that little "French touch” to dress my first beautiful daughter Elena. Besides exported French name brands that cost a fortune in the U.S., I couldn’t find what I was looking for: beautiful, high quality, classy yet comfortable and fashionable clothing at a reasonable price... 

So I took my sewing machine and started designing, creating, and making dream clothes for my baby girl!  That way, I also re-connected with my first passion:  FASHION.  And another French baby was born in my life:  Chocolatine Boutique.

From embellishing to constructing, the possibilities in kids fashion are endless so my shop holds very versatile products such as basic baby wardrobe items (onesies, t-shirts, bloomers, rompers, etc...) but also special garnments for special occasions. Every product in my boutique has its own personal detail such as an applique, a French word, a French song, a French poem, a French quote...  

Today, my second daughter Alessandra is part of the dream as well.  Her personnality is so diffrerent than Elena's that both of them are true and complete inspirations to me.  They are Chocolatine Boutique's little muses, and occasionally little models.

Chocolatine Boutique's patterns are simple, which makes them timeless. My designs grow with the children. 

When I buy fabric, it is because I usually have a crush on the pattern. Each fabric reminds me of something that I have seen, read, heard, smelled or eaten. It can be a song, a painting, a place, a book, a person, an object, etc... Each piece in my shop tells a story, an emotion, something that will make your little one look unique. In addition, each piece might teach a French word (or two)!  

At Chocolatine Boutique, a strong emphasis is placed on beautiful fabric, handpicked in France, Belgium and in the United States.  I privilege natural fibers, good design, and finish.  All items are handmade by me.

But what exactly is a Chocolatine?… Chocolatine is the name given to chocolate croissants in Southwest France and in Quebec. Consisting of a cuboid-shaped piece of light and flaky yeast-leavened dough, it contains a strip of “chocolat” that melts in the mouth. French “Mamans” (Moms) buy them warm at the local “boulangeries” (bakeries) for their little ones, who typically eat them coming back from school as an afternoon snack called “le goûter.”

Une Chocolatine